BBFI Education - The New Role

Detroit is coming fast. I’m sitting here thinking about this new role as the VP of Education. It’s not a ruling position but a serving role. Servant leadership asking to be slipped on like a new pair of shoes. Words tumble around as I try to wrap my arms around this task.

Influence: The very nature of our fellowship defies the concepts of control, but opens the door to leading men by Godly influence. There is nothing more powerful than truth and we would always choose truth. Defining right when the choices are all potentially right is a much harder task. Influence is the ability to guide men to the wisdom of God in the world of practical application.

Articulate: Coffee groups and late evening sessions have longed for vision in our fellowship. I sometimes wonder if the need is not a different vision but an ability to articulate the vision God shared 65 years ago. After all, that job’s not done.

Elevate: If the strong right arm of our fellowship is missions, where do we need to focus our strength? Education is an integral part of world missions because we are tasked with preparing champions for Christ that will impact this world. The education committee is not tasked with operating our schools. That role rightfully belongs to the trustees of each school. Rather we are responsible to create vision and direction for our Fellowship.   

Synergy: Synergy is defined as two things working together to produce a greater effect than the sum of individual parts. Our education committee and our schools need to create synergy.   Sadly it seems we haven’t gotten that job done. Humbling to think of so much good work done and yet so much left to do. I am thinking we need to elevate our game to a world class level.

Anticipate: Too often we focus on the difficulty and forget the potential. So let’s change the atmosphere to one of expectation. The thought is a bit overwhelming. How many new officers start out with all the great expectations? I would openly admit this is more than a one man job.   I need everybody to get on board. But the anticipation of what God can do is energizing.

Thanks for the privilege. I commit to do my very best to let God lead.                                  

- Doug Cox, Vice President (Education)


Doug is the Pastor at Parkhill Baptist in Pueblo, Colorado. On Nov. 9, 2014 Doug will complete his 17th year as Pastor and along the way, the Lord has allowed Doug to serve on the Board of Trustees of Baptist Bible College and as the Colorado State Director in the BBFI.