Expanding Your Vision for Children's Ministry

Whether you are just starting your children’s ministry or looking for your next step to make it better, every ministry has the ability to make it better. 

1. Dream Big.

Visualize what you want your children’s ministry to be like. If you want a dynamic, exciting children’ s ministry you have to start with dreaming. Take time to look at other ministries and get ideas from them. There is nothing new under the sun so don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other churches. Once you have a dream don’t allow where you are in comparison to where you want to be to stop you in your tracks. You can get there, just take one step at a time. If there was ever a place to dream big it is in the church. What we have to offer is Jesus, the hope of the world.

We want our churches to be exciting, dynamic places where kids want to be. When you have an environment that kids love they’ll come back. Our goal is for kids to love our children’s ministry and drag their parents to church with them because they just HAVE to be there. We know we have a message of hope that could change their lives, but before they ever hear that message, something has to compel them to come. That is why we spend time, resources and effort making each environment inviting and exciting for kids and parents. I encourage you today to start dreaming big. 

2. One step at a time.

There were so many things to do and I wasn’t sure where to begin. Once you have a clear vision it can be daunting to know how to get from where you are to the vision you have. I had to take it one step at a time. The first thing I was dealing with was that we were understaffed. Before I could begin working toward my dream I had to get some volunteers and start casting the vision.

The first area we started to implement our vision was elementary. I wanted a full production, but I knew that wouldn’t happen overnight. I found free resources that provided music and videos. I also chose not to spend time teaching so I decided to use videos to teach the lessons so that I could lead my team. I knew this would allow me to focus on taking our ministry to the next level. 

Over the last few years we have just taken one step at a time to try to make our children’s ministry something that kids and families want to come to. We will continue to look at other ministries and try to look for even better ways to minister to kids and families.

There are many free and cheep resourced out there to help you take your ministry to the next level. For a look at our children’s ministry check out http://kidstreet.wordpress.com and http://highstreet.org/kidstreetlive

- Tiffany Lyons


Tiffany is the Children's Director & Volunteer Coordinator at High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. Her passion is to have individuals be fully engaged in the church by connecting to community groups and volunteer teams.