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appy New Year! I don't know how this past year was for you. Maybe 2015 was a year of inspiration and excitement in your ministry. Maybe 2015 looked like more of the same, where you are stuck in a rut. Maybe 2015 was a year of transitions, and not in a good way. Whatever 2015 looked like for you, I pray that 2016 will be a year where you lead like you have never lead before. I pray that God will work mightily at your churches, in your ministry and in your life. 

I love it when the new year rolls around. Sometimes I just need a fresh start and the new year is a great time for just that. It is a time to dream again. Every year I take time to dream with God. I ask him to lead me and show me how to lead my team better. I ask my children's ministry team to start dreaming of what they believe God could do in this new year. We come together and talk about what we believe the new year could hold. We pray as a team over our dreams and hopes for the new year. I encourage you to take some time this January and ask God to give you a vision for what 2016 could be like for you and your ministry. 

There are many resources out there to help you as a leader and I wanted to share a few of those resources with you today. I have been listening to the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast for years. I am able to adapt his principles to the way I lead in Children's Ministry. 


Check out Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast HERE. 

A few months ago I started listening to Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. There was one episode in particular that was especially powerful. Carey interviewed Sue Miller, who was the Children's Director for many years at Willow Creek Community Church with Pastor Bill Hybels. I encourage you to listen to this podcast HERE.


Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

The final Podcast I want to share with you is the BBFI Leadership Podcast. This is a brand new podcast that Randy Harp, the BBFI Communications Director hosts. The very first podcast came out this January. Check it out.


BBFI Leadership Podcast CLICK HERE.


Tiffany Lyons
Children's Ministry Specialty Network