Current Associate/Senior Pastor Job listings 

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Albia Baptist Temple - Albia, IA

Position Available: Young Adult Minister
Heartland Baptist Church - Ames, IA

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Grace Baptist Temple - Bloomington, IN

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Liberty Baptist Church - Howell, MI

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Grace Bible Baptist Church - Ruston, LA

Position Available: Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church - Rensselaer, IN

Position Available: Young Adult Minister

  • Church: Heartland Baptist Church - Ames, IA

  • Website: http://churchames.org

  • Church Description: We prefer a BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university, seminary training preferred, with

  • Job Requirements: This position requires a Bible college degree and a working understanding of theology as dealing with young adults from around the world needs that. The young adult minister and his wife will need to be sharp, personable, and good at building discipling relationships.

  • Job Description: Our young adult minister teaches a young adult Sunday school class, would conduct Bible studies as needed, plan monthly activities, likely handle our social media ministry, and some other secondary responsibilities, along with helping the rest of the church staff with larger projects like outreach Sundays.

  • Contact Person: Randy Abell - randyabell@aol.com

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Grace Baptist Temple - Bloomington, IN

  • Website: http://www.mygracebaptist.org

  • Church Description: Grace Baptist Temple, an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana is seeking a full-time Pastor to lead our church. We are seeking a Pastor committed to preaching, leading, and serving the needs of our congregation and community. We average 75-85 for the Sunday morning worship service.The appropriate candidate will help us to work as one body for the cause of Christ, leading the lost to a saving knowledge of Christ, and strengthening Christians in their daily walk.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Meet the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1

    • In agreement with the Articles of Faith of Grace Baptist Temple

    • Significant experience in successful pastoral ministry and leadership

    • A relational pastor who has a passion for sharing the gospel, meeting new people, and engaging them in a personal way

    • Experience and training in Biblical counseling

    • Ability to guide and empower others to take on leadership roles in the work of the ministry

    • Strong organizational skills, excellent strategic leadership and management

    • Able to be supportive of a Christian daycare/preschool ministry

    • One who shows the love and grace of God by caring for people inside and outside of Grace Baptist Temple.

    • At least 5-7 years of experience as a senior Pastor preferred

  • Job Description: 

    • The Pulpit ministry will be primary in his responsibilities, as a result, guest speakers/missionaries can be used but on a limited basis as the pastor deems necessary. It will be his duty and responsibility 
      to lead and minister from the pulpit. It should be done with skill and preparation, with depth and insight, with passion and with conviction.

    • Leads, cooperates and engages the deacons in decisions vital to the direction, vision and administration of the church.

    • Conducts regular office hours and allows a reasonable amount of access to the congregation each week.

    • Supports the ministries and activities of the church, including appearances to as many functions as possible.

    • Works with the leadership to establish the short-term vision and strategies of all church ministries including the calendaring of events.

    • Involved with ministry development including the training of Ministry Team Leaders and Deacons.

    • Required to be faithful in his personal giving of tithes (as a minimum) and offerings.

    • Responsible for the day to day administration of all church business which includes overseeing the budget

    • Conducts weddings and funerals of church members and active attendee’s.

    • Represents the church in the community.

    • Handles the official correspondence of the church.

    • Ensures the shepherding needs of the congregation are met.

  • Contact Person: David Merida - djjmer@outlook.com 

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Liberty Baptist Church - Howell, MI

  • Website: http://www.libertybaptisthowell.org

  • Church Description: Independent Baptist Church looking for a Pastor, current Pastor retiring. Average attendance of 60, looking to grow.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Grounded and sound in preaching Biblical truths.

    • Experience with Pastoring and leadership in the growth and development of a congregation.

    • Experience in adult and youth ministry and education.

  • Job Description: 

    • Full Time positioning shepherding God's people, leading in growth and development of congregation, visitation of sick and shut in, overseeing youth ministry and education.

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Grace Bible Baptist Church - Ruston, LA

  • Website: http://grace-bible-baptist-church-la-1.hub.biz/

  • Church Description: Church is 51 years old. It is an independent Baptist that supports missionaries through BBFI. We support about 30 missionaries. 
    Average age of our congregation is 50. We run vans on Wednesdays so our attendance on that night is about 90. Average attendance on Sunday is 75.
    We have blended worship and our pastor preaches from the King James Version. We have Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night service.
    The church is located outside the city limits but only seven miles from downtown Ruston. It is the home of Louisiana Tech and only ten miles from Grambling State University.
    The members of the church are very active in all ministries and they have a burden for missions and children.. The reason we are seeking a pastor is because the one we have now is retiring.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Preacher

    • Teacher 

    • Leadership 

    • Visiting 

    • Experienced in pastoring or Bible College

  • Job Description: 

    • Preach 3-4 times a week.

    • Lead the church in business and spiritual decisions.

    • Oversee the Sunday School and Wednesday night services.

    • Visit hospials, nurshing homes, shut-ins, prospective members and members that are absent.

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Albia Baptist Temple - Albia, IA

  • Website: http://albiachurch.org

  • Church Description: The church has a current average attendance of 70-80 people. We are located in south central Iowa. The city of Albia has approximately 3500 people. The total county population is 8800. Albia Baptist Temple was established in 1971. Brian Harris is the current pastor. He has served the church for 24 years and is retiring from the pastorate. The position would be full-time for the prospective candidate.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • At least an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry and bible.

  • Job Description: 

    • Prospective pastor would lead the church worship and ministries. Currently there is no paid staff.

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: First Baptist Church - Rensselaer

  • Website: http://www.firstbaptistrensselaer.com/

  • Church Description: Independent Bible believing Baptist church. Average attendance is 45 with 3 weekly services. The church owns a 3-bedroom parsonage for the pastor and his family

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Degree in theology

    • Have pastoral experience 

    • Willing and able to do personal evangelism

  • Job Description: 

    • Pastor the church 

    • Conduct 3 weekly services

    • Personal evangelism

    • Lead the outreach ministries