Current Associate/Senior Pastor Job listings 

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Hessville Baptist Church - Hessville, IN

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Seminole Baptist Church - Springfield, MO

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Fellowship Baptist Church - Bozeman, MT

Position Available: Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church - Ashland, OH

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Albia Baptist Temple - Albia, IA

Position Available: Young Adult Minister
Heartland Baptist Church - Ames, IA

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Liberty Baptist Church - Howell, MI

Position Available: Assistant Pastor
South Valley Baptist Church - Pahrump, NV

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Grace Bible Baptist Church - Ruston, LA

Position Available: Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church - Rensselaer, IN

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Seminole Baptist Church - Springfield, MO

  • Website: www.seminolebaptist.org

  • Church Description: Seminole is an independent Baptist church, with an average attendance of 700, that exists to encourage people to find and follow Jesus. We strive to contribute to the well-being of our community and city through established relationships and a willingness to serve. Because we believe the Gospel message is for all people, web partner with missionaries who go beyond our borders to deliver the good news of God’s love around the world. We desire to provide a welcoming environment where people are encouraged through relationships and challenged to grow closer to Christ through preaching, teaching, and a variety of ministry opportunities.

    Seminole is located on the south side of Springfield, the third largest city in Missouri. Springfield is home to multiple colleges and universities, a large healthcare industry serving southern Missouri, as well as a number of major manufacturing facilities. The area immediately surrounding Seminole (zip 65810) contains just over 24,000 residents (median age of 42 years) and has seen continued retail and housing development as the Springfield metro area expands southward.

  • Job Requirements: Formal Responsibilities include …

    Leadership Skills:
    Creatively envision new possibilities for the ministry of Seminole
    Think strategically about opportunities and challenges
    Identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them
    Effectively recruit, lead, and manage church staff to fulfill the mission of the church
    Develop an effective ministry team with staff and lay leaders
    Realistically assess situations and take appropriate actions
    Employ current technology for effective ministry
    Facilitate the overall health of the church (spiritual, ministerial and financial)

    Communication Skills:
    Demonstrate strong biblical preaching for life transformation
    Teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings
    Cast and communicate a compelling and clear vision for Seminole
    Relate and participate in social media in a way that promotes, engages, and encourages the church body

    Relationship Skills:
    Exhibit effective interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker
    Develop and employ the unique strengths of others
    Work with ministry teams to accomplish pastoral care for congregation (e.g. counseling, visitation, baptisms)

    Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9
    Embrace and hold to the Statement of Faith for Seminole
    Bachelor’s degree required
    (Preferred) Five years senior leadership experience in a church of at least 400
    Experience supervising staff

  • Job Description: We are searching for a servant leader, highly relational, with a clear vision for local, regional, and global ministry. He will need to have strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and inter-personally), a calling for developing new leaders, a passion for reaching people with the Gospel, and the ability to motivate others to be a part of God’s redemptive cause.

  • Contact Person: Search Team - jobsites@seminolebaptist.org

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Hessville Baptist Church - Hessville, IN

  • Website: www.hessvillebaptist.com

  • Church Description: Debt free church seeking pastor with church growth experience. Awesome opportunity. Great opportunity in a needy area. Very nice facilities with capacity seating of 400. Now running around 50. Two personages included plus salary. NW Indiana.

  • Job Requirements: Ordained Baptist minister with at least 3 years experience in ministry. Must be biblically qualified as stated in 1 Timothy.

  • Job Description: Oversee the church ministry in all facets in a loving and gracious manner.

  • Contact Person: L G - lg.central@yahoo.com

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: First Baptist Church - Ashland, OH

  • Website: www.ashlandfbc.com

  • Church Description: FBC began as a mission from Akron Baptist Temple in 1950. We have had six pastors and been a strong supporter of foreign missionaries as well as a very evangelistic church. The church plant is impressive with a sanctuary seating 450 , more than sufficient educational space, and a fairly new family life center with a gymnasium. The church sits on twenty beautiful acres in a great location on the edge of Ashland.(population 20,000). Mansfield (50,000) is right next to us and we are halfway between Cleveland and Columbus (70 miles each way) The church averages 125-150. Butch White is retiring after a fruitful 27 years as senior pastor and FBC has tremendous potential for doing God's work.

  • Job Requirements: Theological degree with pastoral experience.

  • Job Description: Preach, teach, lead, encourage, comfort, counsel, study, visit - normal pastor stuff.

  • Contact Person: Cheryl White - bcw13@zoominternet.net

Position Available: Assistant Pastor

  • Church: South Valley Baptist Church - Pahrump, NV

  • Website: www.southvalleybaptistchurch.com

  • Church Description: A growing, soul-winning, church. Average attendance 180 a Sunday, two morning services 8:15 and 10:30, Sunday evening 6:00. Blended music, loving congregation, guests weekly. In a growing part of Pahrump a town of about 38,000, we are 45 minutes from Las Vegas. Current Assistant Pastor is leaving due to health issues. This is a very hot place, it is nothing for the temp to be 110 in the summer, not much rain either. Snow, once in a blue moon. This church had 16 people when the current pastor arrived July 1, 2015, it is a growing church. You must be good with that.

  • Job Requirements: Lead the congregational singing and fill pulpit when needed. Should be comfortable with technology, able to communicate.

  • Job Description: Lead singers in practice for Sunday am services. Pick songs for weekly services, comfortable in front of people, a person who loves the people that God give you to minister to. FRIENDLY. Go soul-winning weekly, Sound Baptist doctrine, non-Calvinist, pre-trib rapture, security of the believer. Please check out our website for more information. Basically work with Senior pastor and deacons to grow the church.

  • Contact Person: John Morrise - pastorjohnimorris@gmail.com

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Fellowship Baptist Church - Bozeman, MT

  • Website: www.fbc-mt.org

  • Church Description: Church is 35 years old. It is an independent Baptist that supports missionaries through BBFI and other organizations. We support about 9 missionaries and organizations.
    Average age of our congregation is 35. Average attendance on Sunday is 65. We have Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and small groups. The church is located in Bozeman, Montana. It is the home of Montana State University. Bozeman is the fastest growing micropolitan community in the United States, and it is included in many top places to live and visit. The reason we are seeking a pastor is because our pastor of 25 years has retired.

  • Job Requirements: Bible college or seminary degree. Have 5 to 6 years of ministry experience.Calling to the northwest.

  • Job Description: The pastor is called to lead the church indefinitely according to I Peter 5:1-4. Because of the command to preach the word, the pastor shall be at liberty to preach as the Lord leads him. The pastor shall be ex-officio member of all boards and committees of the Church.
    The pastor seeks to perform with fidelity the ministries of evangelism, stewardship, missions and teaching.
    The pastor shall proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and administer Christ's ordinances.
    The pastor will direct the worship services.
    The pastor will have in charge the welfare and oversight of the church, including all ministries and staff; all Church staff and employees, whether paid or volunteer, shall be under the supervision of the Pastor who has the sole authority to hire, appoint, or dismiss the same
    The pastor will serve as corporation president.
    The pastor will act as moderator in all meetings for the transaction of business.
    The pastor is responsible for all administration of the church. This includes office, staff, janitorial, grounds and buildings. This is not to imply that the pastor will do these things: only that he will oversee and delegate them as appropriate.
    The pastor will lead and guide all other members of the pastoral staff. He will be responsible to ensure that all staff, pastoral and otherwise, fulfill the requirements of their job descriptions.
    The pastor is to maintain contact with all supported church missionaries and missions. He is to see that the congregation is also involved in the lives and ministries of those missionaries and missions. Every two years, the pastor will visit some of those missionaries and missions in person on the field.

  • Contact Person: Kyle Leonard - pastorsearch@fbc-mt.org

Position Available: Young Adult Minister

  • Church: Heartland Baptist Church - Ames, IA

  • Website: http://churchames.org

  • Church Description: We prefer a BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university, seminary training preferred, with

  • Job Requirements: This position requires a Bible college degree and a working understanding of theology as dealing with young adults from around the world needs that. The young adult minister and his wife will need to be sharp, personable, and good at building discipling relationships.

  • Job Description: Our young adult minister teaches a young adult Sunday school class, would conduct Bible studies as needed, plan monthly activities, likely handle our social media ministry, and some other secondary responsibilities, along with helping the rest of the church staff with larger projects like outreach Sundays.

  • Contact Person: Randy Abell - randyabell@aol.com

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Liberty Baptist Church - Howell, MI

  • Website: http://www.libertybaptisthowell.org

  • Church Description: Independent Baptist Church looking for a Pastor, current Pastor retiring. Average attendance of 60, looking to grow.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Grounded and sound in preaching Biblical truths.

    • Experience with Pastoring and leadership in the growth and development of a congregation.

    • Experience in adult and youth ministry and education.

  • Job Description: 

    • Full Time positioning shepherding God's people, leading in growth and development of congregation, visitation of sick and shut in, overseeing youth ministry and education.

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Grace Bible Baptist Church - Ruston, LA

  • Website: http://grace-bible-baptist-church-la-1.hub.biz/

  • Church Description: Church is 51 years old. It is an independent Baptist that supports missionaries through BBFI. We support about 30 missionaries. 
    Average age of our congregation is 50. We run vans on Wednesdays so our attendance on that night is about 90. Average attendance on Sunday is 75.
    We have blended worship and our pastor preaches from the King James Version. We have Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night service.
    The church is located outside the city limits but only seven miles from downtown Ruston. It is the home of Louisiana Tech and only ten miles from Grambling State University.
    The members of the church are very active in all ministries and they have a burden for missions and children.. The reason we are seeking a pastor is because the one we have now is retiring.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Preacher

    • Teacher 

    • Leadership 

    • Visiting 

    • Experienced in pastoring or Bible College

  • Job Description: 

    • Preach 3-4 times a week.

    • Lead the church in business and spiritual decisions.

    • Oversee the Sunday School and Wednesday night services.

    • Visit hospials, nurshing homes, shut-ins, prospective members and members that are absent.

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Albia Baptist Temple - Albia, IA

  • Website: http://albiachurch.org

  • Church Description: The church has a current average attendance of 70-80 people. We are located in south central Iowa. The city of Albia has approximately 3500 people. The total county population is 8800. Albia Baptist Temple was established in 1971. Brian Harris is the current pastor. He has served the church for 24 years and is retiring from the pastorate. The position would be full-time for the prospective candidate.

  • Job Requirements: 

    • At least an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry and bible.

  • Job Description: 

    • Prospective pastor would lead the church worship and ministries. Currently there is no paid staff.

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: First Baptist Church - Rensselaer

  • Website: http://www.firstbaptistrensselaer.com/

  • Church Description: Independent Bible believing Baptist church. Average attendance is 45 with 3 weekly services. The church owns a 3-bedroom parsonage for the pastor and his family

  • Job Requirements: 

    • Degree in theology

    • Have pastoral experience 

    • Willing and able to do personal evangelism

  • Job Description: 

    • Pastor the church 

    • Conduct 3 weekly services

    • Personal evangelism

    • Lead the outreach ministries