Iowa State Fellowship

State Officers


Chairman: Randy Abell
Heartland Baptist Church


Treasurer: Brian Harris
Albia Baptist Temple


Next Election Cycle: November 2016
Bylaws not currently posted; contact chairman for details.

Scheduled Meetings


Churches Planted (last 5 years)

Missionaries Sent

Brennan & Libby Penner - TEAM Belgium
Sent by Capitol City Baptist Church - Des Moines, IA

Dwayne & Tammy Wright - Ethiopia
Sent by Capitol City Baptist Church - Des Moines, IA

Jerry & Kristen Hickey - Brazil
Sent by Suburban Heights Baptist - Fairfield, IA

Paul & Chelli Sudbrock - Germany
Sent by Newton Baptist Temple - Newton, IA


Additional State Activity

Testimony from Pastor Randy Abell - Heartland Baptist Church (Ames)

     I remember when the Lord was calling me to preach. I was asking God to send me to a place where they needed the Gospel and low and behold, instead of a foreign mission field, it was central Iowa. In 2003, my wife and I moved to Ames, Iowa, a university town of around 100,000.      

     We held our first church service in a rented building with 12 adults.  We later remodeled an auction barn (yes, a real barn) and I began preaching, visitation, and lots of praying.  To God be the glory, people accepted Christ and started coming to church.

     Since then, we've built onto our building a couple of times, and we now average over 400 on Sunday mornings. We have now bought property to build a new church campus in the years to come.  There are more cities and towns like mine here in the northern plains of Iowa that need Gospel-preaching and Bible-teaching churches.

       If you're a sturdy soul and can survive the Iowa winters, let me know - I'd love to help you find a good church or start a new one.