Dear Pastors and Leaders,

We had a great meeting in Orlando. I’d like to first thank our host Pastor David Janney and staff for doing such a great job for hosting what was a very encouraging and inspiring time.

When I think about the meeting a few things come to mind - first, who doesn’t like the weather in Orlando? Especially those of us locked into winter! There were several things that stood out to me.

  • The theme of the meeting was Church Planting, and we had over 30 church planters in attendance! These men brought a new level of energy because of their sincerity, commitment and sacrifice. Their hearts to reach their cities no matter what was contagious. The starting of new churches is vital to health of our Fellowship. We honor these men and I urge you to come around them and support and help them. 
  • We launched a new name for the Fellowship Church Planting effort. We are now calling this initiative APEX. (A)dvance the (P)lanting of new churches (E)nergizing of established churches and the (X)multiplication of leaders.  
  • Each of the speakers gave us something to take away. Sean Sears challenged us about church planting and illustrated how this Fellowship can make a difference to church planters. Rick Blackwood challenged us to think about our Mission and Vision. His big goal for his church in Miami was inspiring. David Nasser talked about the cost of church planting. His life story showcased the power and providence of God.
  • The “fellowship” that took place over meals and throughout the meeting illustrated the power of having friends in ministry.

I want to give a special thanks to all of the State Chairman, Representatives and those who came as their proxies. These leaders of our State Fellowships do a good work. It is the strength of the State Fellowships that makes us strong. We are not a denomination that has a top-down power structure. The power flows from local churches and state initiatives. We, at the national level, are here to coordinate and serve the grass root efforts that begin at the local level. 

For those of you who attended the meeting we would love to get some feedback from you. Click here to fill out a brief survey. For those of you who were not able to attend I wanted to give you a little taste of what the meeting was like. We invite you to make plans to attend the next meeting in May at BBC. President Milioni is preparing a lineup of speakers you will enjoy. Please also make plans to attend the meeting in September at High Street in Springfield, Missouri. The theme for that meeting is “Church Revitalization”. 

God bless you all. It is a privilege to serve with you.  


Eddie Lyons
BBFI President

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A Message from bbfi president
eddie lyons


I'm the newly elected president of the Baptist Bible Fellowship and I'm excited about the potential of this network for advancement of the gospel all over the world. One of our greatest strengths has always been our autonomy (ministry diversity). It creates a perfect environment for the most gifted of our entrepreneurial pastors/missionaries/planters. But it's difficult to stay connected.

We'd like to find out more about your ministry. We believe that if we had a better idea of who your church is, we'd be more equipped to determine where we need to go, as a network, from here. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey today. When you finish, feel free to forward it to any of your friends that you think I may miss, even if they aren't active in our network any longer.

Thank you for helping us get better at connecting, mentoring and planting.

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May God bless us to the degree we're willing to serve and bless others,

Eddie Lyons
President, BBFI