Wednesday Evening


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Ed Trinkle has been the pastor of Canyon Creek Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas since April 2015. He is a graduate of Baptist Bible College and continued his education to receive a Master’s Degree in Counseling. He has a passion to lead churches through transition and church transplanting.

Mark Milioni has been the president of Baptist Bible College since May, 2012, an alumnus since 1988. He has served as senior pastor in Michigan and Ohio. He has two earned doctorate degrees in communication and leadership. Mark is a good friend of mine. Many have mixed up his former Michigan church in Albion and my church in Adrian.


Tuesday Evening


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David Janney has been the pastor of Orlando Baptist Church since 1987. He is also founder and president of World Hope, an organization whose mission is to help people prepare eternally. Recently, World Hope launched The Hope Center in Detroit.

Ronnie Floyd has been the pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas since 1986.  In 28 years of ministry in Arkansas, the church has baptized over 17,000 people. He is the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Tuesday Morning


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Ben Feldott founded Cape Cod Church with his wife, Tammy, less than a year after getting married in 1991. He graduated from Boston Baptist College. He recently led the church to build an $8 million, 40,000 sq. ft. facility. They had over 3,000 Easter 2015.

D. L. Moody is President of Arlington Baptist College (Texas), the primary college for World Baptist Fellowship. He has degrees from Arlington Baptist College (BA Pastoral Ministries), Moody Graduate School (MaMin), and Covington Theological Seminary (DMin). He has pastored two churches in Texas.

Eddie Lyons and his wife, Cindy, both grew up in the Philippines as children of missionaries. Eddie is currently the pastor of High Street Baptist Church (Springfield, MO) and President of Baptist Bible Fellowship International.


Monday Evening


Jerry Thorpe

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"The Elephant in the Room: Church Attendance"