Jason Alley


Interested in Next Generation Pastor, Children's Pastor, and Youth Pastor positions


Name: Jason Alley
Email:  jasonalley1@gmail.com
Phone: 808-369-4250


2012 Th.M. Blue Letter Bible Institute. This was an entirely self-paced and online 100 unit Theological Master’s Degree. It is not accredited, but it required a phenomenal amount of work. Most academics organizations wouldn’t recognize this for transfer credit, but my soul grew greatly!

2001 M. A. Ed., including a Single-subject Teaching Credential in Biology , Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.

1999 B.S. in Biological Sciences and Biblical Studies with a Minor in Musical Composition and Conducting , Biola University, La Mirada, CA.

Years in Ministry: 24

Ministry Experience:

2014-Present: Calvary Chapel of Honolulu , Honolulu, HI

  • Teacher : The majority of my duties revolve around being the High-School Science Teacher at the Church’s Christian School. I am responsible for all the “normal” teaching duties including lesson prep, delivery, and evaluation, but the main focus of our school is “Making Disciples,” not lesson content. We are all called to youth and children’s ministry, not just to content communication. This really is Youth ministry in the classroom.

  • Children’s Ministry/AWANA Director : My wife and I lead the AWANA program and are responsible for every aspect of this ministry, including budgeting and fund-raising, volunteer recruitment, training, and management, advertising, camps, and of course the weekly execution of lessons and games that make the Word of God come alive to clubbers. We also ran the Wednesday night Children’s ministry for a long time, until my wife began to teach at the school as well, necessitating a step back from that event. While we ran it, we were responsible for recruiting, training, and maintaining volunteers, selecting curriculum, prepping, delivering, and evaluating lessons, and insuring the safety of the children during the mid-week program.

  • Worship Leader/Team Member . I serve as a member of the worship team (Keyboard, vocalist) and lead services when the main worship leaders are unavailable. While worship ministry was my main emphasis in my younger life, I have felt a greater calling toward working with children, youth, and college recently. Still, it is a blessing to serve whenever I am needed in this capacity.

  • Home Bible Study Teacher . Our church has Home Bible Studies throughout the Island on different nights of the week. I was the teacher for the Friday night Bible study for three years and taught expositionally through several different books as well as some topical series.

  • Conversion Counseling/Prayer Team . Pray with people who come forward after service, either to ask for prayer or to commit/recommit their lives to Christ.

2004-2014, Grace Community Church , Flagstaff, AZ

  • Worship Director. Plan, rehearse, deliver, and evaluate the worship experience under the oversight of the Elders and Teaching Pastor. I also recruited, auditioned, trained, rehearsed, and maintained the worship teams. I introduced the concept of multiple worship teams that rotated. I pushed for a more mixed worship style. Previously, the church was very contemporary. I helped the church be “legal” by getting us registered with CCLI. I updated the sound system and helped to recruit and train sound engineers so that our services were distraction-free.

  • Children’s Ministry Director . I recruited, screened, trained, and maintained a volunteer team of nearly 150 people who served on three rotating teams to serve our children (~250/week). I introduced volunteer rotation here as well. I transitioned the curriculum to “Orange,” introduced electronic sign-in for increased child safety, and began the process of federal background checks for our workers. I introduced CM staff uniform shirts and badges to identify those who were qualified and screened to increase safety. I instituting roaming staffers to help manage bathroom breaks and monitor hallway safety. Most importantly, we made sure that everyone knew that they were here to serve Christ and make sure that the kids fell in love with Him and His word.

  • Adult Theology Series Creator/Teacher . I worked with the Senior Pastor to create a two-year cycle of classes to move members through a seminary-level study of the basic doctrines of the faith. I selected the text and wrote the scope and sequence. I also wrote the content for almost all the classes, although I delegated some of the teaching to others. The goal was to take people who had gone through the basic membership classes and our “Foundations” short class to a deeper level of understanding for the ultimate goal of raising up elders, pastors, and missionaries from our church.

  • Home Bible Study Teacher . Similar to above.

  • Youth Discipler . I directed a High-School and College age Men’s discipleship group. We met weekly for prayer, accountability, scripture memorization, and service.

2010-2014 Apartment Life

  • CARES Team Missionary . We were trained by Apartment Life in relational evangelism and community building and then placed in apartment communities as missionaries. The apartment management loved that we were there because we hosted three monthly events to get the residents out for fellowship and community building. We met with every new move-in and everyone at lease renewal both as liaisons from the management and to start spiritual conversations. We started spiritual relationships at these events and then invited our neighbors to our home Bible study and to church. We were used by the Lord to lead many of our neighbors to Christ.

2011 Williams First Baptist Church , Williams, AZ

  • Interim Teaching Pastor . When WFBC, Grace’s sister church, lost their Pastor, I stepped in and taught for about half a year while they conducted their search. I worked with the Elders to set the teaching calendar and taught topically through several of the key doctrines of the Church.

2001-2004 Evangelical Free Church of Corona , Corona, CA

  • Assistant Worship Leader . I worked with the Worship Pastor and cooperated with him on many projects. I lead worship in church when he was away.

  • Youth Choir Founding Director . The church had a dynamic choir ministry for adults, but nothing for kids. I founded a youth choir and lead the ministry during my tenure there. We performed on Sunday mornings periodically but also in the community at large.

1999-2001 Arrow Highway Wesleyan Church , Azusa, CA

  • Worship Director. The church was unique in that there was a common elder board over four different congregations serving different ethnicities. I served as the Worship Director for the main, English-speaking congregation. There were parallel worship directors for the Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and congregations. We all worked together to make a uniform “worship ministry” at the church, but we obviously had our own worship teams and service sets. Still, we were one church. It was a great exercise in “many different members forming one body.”

  • College-Age Men’s Leader . I took what I’d learned from my years leading a Christian Fraternity and made an intense men’s discipleship and accountability ministry at the church that drew from all five congregations. It was essentially a chapter of our Fraternity not based on a college campus.

1997-1999 Canyon Hills Church (Conservative Baptist), Mission Viejo, CA

  • Church-Plant Worship Director . During College, I participated in a church plant. I was the founding worship director, working before the launch to build a core group and set the tone for the ministry. The duties were similar to those described above once we launched. I stayed until I graduated from college and moved out of the area.

1993-2003 (Summers) Continental Singers, Worldwide

  • Tour Director . During the summers, for 10 years, I lead a group of 40 High-School and College-Aged singers, instrumentalists, and technicians on international evangelistic choir tours. It was part Youth-Ministry-on-wheels, part show-choir, and part missions trip. I was responsible for daily schedules, budgeting, rehearsals, producing 8 shows a week, keeping 40 performing-arts-type youth safe, cohesive, and growing in Christ, and interfacing with 8 different churches and Pastors a week. Tours lasted 13 weeks and covered an average of 5 countries each. It was an amazing place to be introduced to ministry.

1995-2002 Mu Sigma Gamma Fraternity

  • I was one of four founding members of a Christian Fraternity at Biola. We were dedicated to accountability, prayer, scripture memorization, and practicing spiritual disciplines. From the original four, the group grew to 40 by the time I graduated in 1999. We also planted four other chapters at other universities in the years that followed.