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Position Available: Children/Family Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church - Lufkin, TX

Position Available: Administrative Assistant
PREACH Evangelistic Ministries - Seymour, MO

Position Available: Full time Family-Student Pastor First Baptist Church - Neosho, MO

Position Available: Music Director/Worship Leader
Bible Baptist Church - Lawton, OK

Position Available: Associate Pastor/Youth Minister
Cheney Baptist Church - Cheney, Kansas

Position Available: Youth Pastor and Children Sunday school leader
Midlothian Baptist Church in Midlothian, VA

Position Available: Senior Pastor
First Coast Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL

Position Available: Children/Youth
Grace Baptist Temple - Bloomington, IN

Position Available: Senior Pastor
Bible Baptist Church - Clinton, MO

Position Available: Teen Pastor
Heartland Baptist Church - Ames, IA

Position Available: Youth Pastor
New Hope Baptist Church - Fort Wayne, IN


Position Available: Children/Family Pastor

  • Church: Trinity Baptist Church - Lufkin, TX

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Answer to pastor. Plan and coordinate a top notch ministry to reach children and minister to the families of children. Pitch in to help take care of office duties (we only carry a part time secretary). Help assist with hospital visitation when asked.

  • Job Description: Will be added further in to the discussion and development of ministry here at TBC.

  • Contact Person: Steve Cowart -

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: First Coast Baptist Church - Jacksonville, FL

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Our pastor’s role and responsibilities are to equip the saints and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. He is to devote his time to studying God’s Word, providing leadership to the administrative and pastoral staff members, engaging the pastoral care ministries to meet the needs of the church members and the community, and overseeing the ministries of the church, including First Coast Christian School. 

  • Job Description: 

  1. Can give a clear testimony of his salvation. Maintain Biblical qualifications for office of pastor as set in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 and accept the church statement of faith.

  2. Devote time to studying God’s Word to enable himself to plan and conduct worship services, to develop sermons, to equip the saints, to plan with music leadership.

  3. Lead in the observance of ordinances, revivals, Bible conferences and other meetings as he is led by the Holy Spirit.

  4. Maintains a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study and prayer.

  5. Leads and demonstrates effective ways to witness and win the lost to salvation through Jesus Christ via effective programs to fulfill the Great Commission with vision, purpose and priority.

  6. Leads the Church in supporting and promoting active missionary ministries, locally, nationally & internationally. Will schedule and select missionaries for the annual mission conference.

  7. Visits and ministers to members and prospective members in homes, nursing care facilities and hospitals

  8. Conducts counseling sessions, performs wedding ceremonies and conducts funeral services

  9. Cooperates with associational (i.e. Baptist Bible Fellowship International), state and other denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern.

  10. Serves as administrator of paid church staff. Responsible for hiring, supervising, evaluating, and dismissal of church staff.

  11. Communicates with the congregation through articles or announcements, written and spoken using church newsletter, bulletins and worship services.

  12. Acts as the moderator of all church business meetings.

  13. Responsible for administering the church budget with priority on reducing church debt.

  14. Provide administrative leadership over the staff and church body, arrange training and supervision of ministry volunteers, develop job descriptions for current and anticipated staff positions, adhere to church bylaws.

  15. Works with Deacons, Trustees and other key leadership to carry out the mission and purpose of the church. Meetings should be conducted monthly or as needed to conduct church business.

  16. Acts as ex-officio chairman of all meetings and committees and shall be known as the President of this corporation.

  17. Serve as President and promote First Coast Christian School as a vital ministry of the church.

  18. Oversees, along with Deacons, all church discipline matters and the management of conflict issues in the church.

  19. Maintains proper priorities at home with his wife and children.

Position Available: Administrative Assistant

  • Church: PREACH Evangelistic Ministries - Seymour, MO

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Knowledgeable in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Quickbooks software. As well as effective filing, press, and presentation skills.

  • Job Description: This position supports all of the business aspects of the PREACH office. Responsibilities include: financial management, accounting, contract management, committee coordination, facility management, overseeing print media, editing, and public relations.

    PREACH Evangelistic Ministries is also interested in filling this position with perhaps a well-qualified missionary couple. Perhaps someone who has served previously in missions or on a mission field. Also the position could be easily filled by someone who has prior church office administrative experience.

  • Contact Person:

Position Available: Children/Youth Pastor

  • Church: Grace Baptist Temple - Bloomington, IN

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: We are looking for a Bible College graduate who has faithfully served in a local church with children and/or youth.

  • Job Description: We are looking for someone to help us build and develop a strong children's ministry with a view of seeing children grow up in the church and who eventually will be part of a strong youth ministry. This position involves working with our current children's ministry (Sunday School & Children's Church) and developing new ministries, such as a children's club on Wednesday evenings and planning activities for children. We believe this could be a catalyst for reaching families in our area. This position also includes working with our existing youth, developing their Christian character and walk with the Lord, reaching new youth and scheduling mission trips, youth camp, and various activities. We are combining this position with a view of eventually hiring a separate youth pastor or children's pastor.

  • Contact Person: Jose Esquibel - (812) 336-3049 -

Position Available: Senior Pastor

  • Church: Bible Baptist Church - Clinton, MO

  • Website: Facebook Page

  • Job Requirements: Is currently completing bachelor program or has a bachelor degree in Pastoral Ministries.

  • Job Description: The current position is part time. With growth it is our vision as a church to support the Pastor in a full time capacity. Will be expected to preach Sunday morning services, Sunday night service, and Wednesday night service. Willing to do visitation and other duties to reach our community and disciple new believers.

  • Contact Person: Kenneth Vaughn - (660) 885-8762 -

Position Available: Full time Family-Student Pastor

  • Church: First Baptist Church - Neosho, MO

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Spiritually mature, growing in personal study, prayer, and discipleship. A pastoral heart and burden for the people and ministries of the local church. Gifts and talents in the area of family and student ministry. Interpersonal skills in relating to a variety of persons and personalities. Become a member of First Baptist Church, Neosho. A supportive spouse for the work of ministry. Support the life of the church in its mission to Love God, Connect with People, and Change the World.

  • Job Description: The Family-Student Pastor is responsible to the Senior Pastor for the development and promotion of the family and student ministry (Gr. 7-12). The role of the Family-Student Pastor is to equip and serve the families and students of First Baptist Church of Neosho to Love God, Connect with Others, and Change the World.

    Student Ministry
    1. Recruit and equip a team of volunteers to execute student ministry.
    2. Provide training and leadership development to students.
    3. Plan and execute a calendar of events that promotes growth and community for students.
    4. Research and recommend curriculum for all student ministries.
    5. Successfully transition children (Gr. 6) into student ministry.
    6. Maintain a community presence for students and families.
    7. Oversee the budget for student ministries.

    Team Roles
    1. Participate with staff in praying, planning, and promoting the entire ministry of the church.
    2. Participate with staff in pastoral and prospect visitation.

    Other Duties:
    1. The Family-Student Pastor will over see the church purposes of evangelism and missions.
    2. The Family-Student Pastor will ensure a smooth transition of students into college ministry and will serve as a liaison to our college ministry.
    3. Other duties as assigned

  • Contact Person: Susan Conness - (417) 451-2375 -

Position Available: Teen Pastor

  • Church: Heartland Baptist Church - Ames, IA

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: We are looking for a couple sound in their biblical knowledge, either with a Bible college degree or on the way to one. We also need a teen pastor who is passionate, has organizational skills, and a heart to minister as we already have a youth group of 30-40 and another 20-30 of prospects.

  • Job Description: Our teen pastor would plan and prepare the Sunday school hour for 3 teen classes (7-8th grade girls, 7-8th grade boys, and Sr. High), including a lesson, graphics, a game or something fun each week. He and his wife would also lead a Wednesday small group Bible study program, take our teens to church camp, visit the Jr. High and Sr. High schools once a month, plan and promote activities among
    other teen ministry events. The teen pastor would also lead a volunteer group of around ten adults who help in various capacities with the teen ministry.

  • Contact Person: Randy Abell - (515) 268-1721 -

Position Available: Youth Pastor

  • Church: New Hope Baptist Church - Fort Wayne, IN

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Bachelor degree in Pastoral Studies, Church Ministries, or Youth Ministry. Active personal Bible Study life. Have a heart for seeing Middle School and High School students come to know Christ as their Savior and grow in their walk with him. Fully support the vision and doctrine of New Hope.

  • Job Description:
    1. Be under the direct leadership of the senior pastor.
    2. Be given opportunities to add their own ideas to the youth ministry at New Hope.
    3. Be responsible for teaching Sunday night youth nights.
    4. Be responsible for giving students the opportunity to grow in their faith and to put that faith into action in practical ways.
    5. Plan and oversee monthly activities/service events which include:
         a. Scheduling service events and activities
         b.Securing transportation, collecting and tracking money
         c. Keeping track of needed permission slips
         d. Set up and clean up 

6. Keep in regular contact with students through personal contact and social media.
7. Council teens through difficulties as needed.
8. Be responsible for keeping yourself growing spiritually.
9. Pray for the middle and high school students.
10. Lead parent meetings.
11. Assist parents in helping their students grow to be men and women after God’s own heart.
12. Encouraging and leading teen involvement in ministry opportunities.
13. Responsible for the set-up/clean-up of the youth building.
14. Keep an updated schedule of activities and give it to teens and parents.
15. Share office responsibilities with Pastor.
16. Other responsibilities based on individual abilities.

Position Available: Music Director/Worship Leader

  • Church: Bible Baptist Church - Lawton, OK

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Must have strong music background with at least a B.A. in Music.
    Must have good strong leadership skills. Must have a background of commitment, not interested in someone looking to climb a ministry corporate ladder. Prefer Married but will consider Single with some stipulations which will be revealed if interview is given. Must be able to follow and adopt the vision the pastor has for the church and the music ministry of the church.

  • Job Description: 
    A. Purpose
    The purpose of the Director of Music Ministries is to help musicians and the congregation grow as disciples of Jesus Christ through worship and music.

    B. Job Information
    Classification: Program Staff; Salaried; Part-Time
    Supervisor: Pastor – weekly meeting
    Work Schedule: Weekends – Sunday morning, evening and Wednesdays as well as any special services the church may hold from time to time or as at other times as required.
    Workweek – Wednesday and Friday, staff and worship team meetings on Wednesday mornings, and other times as required

    C. General Job Description for all Program Staff Members
    1. Have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and be committed to constantly growing the relationship deeper.
    2. Make disciples in one’s area of ministry.
    3. Live by and support the mission and ministry of Bible Baptist through their prayers, presence, gifts, and service.
    4. Recruit, equip, and empower/train others to do the ministry God has called them to do.
    5. Seek to connect people into music ministry within our church.
    6. Be involved in evangelism and membership care; at least in one’s own ministry area, as a fundamental part of the total ministry of the church.
    7. Manage the affairs of your ministry area with highest integrity and care to ensure all you are entrusted with is not mishandled, accidentally or otherwise.
    8. Work together as a team with other staff members.
    9. Make every effort to ensure the safety and security of anyone involved in any activity or ministry of Bible Baptist, regardless of whether they have direct staff supervision responsibility or not.
    10. Maintain confidentiality when requested, in regard to personnel matters, and in “counseling-type” situations. The only exception is when a life is endangered or violence to self or others is threatened. If there is any question about when confidentiality should be maintained, discuss the general situation with the Pastor.
    12. Step outside of one’s major area(s) of responsibility to enable the greater ministry of the church.
    13. Be loyal to the pastor and members of the staff team.
    14. Participate in leadership training and professional growth opportunities.
    15. Have a personal/family life that upholds the highest values of the Christian faith and does not detract for one’s own ministry or the ministry of the church.
    16. Perform whatever tasks assigned by the Senior Pastor which are needed to fulfill the church’s goals and advance the work of the Kingdom of God.

    D. Qualifications (Education/Background)
    1. Must feel “called” by the Lord to do His work.
    2. Have a passion for the staff position (job).
    3. Computer knowledge, general office machines experience.
    4. Previous significant, successful experience in church music.
    E. Specific Knowledge and Skills
    1. Communication skills and relationship building skills.
    2. Organizational and administrative skills, including effectiveness in handling details.
    3. Working knowledge of choral rehearsal techniques and conducting.
    4. Knowledge of Copyright laws.

    F. Responsibilities
    1. Choir
    Conducting and leading the church’s Choir is the primary responsibility of the Music Director. This includes music planning, recruiting members, oversight of regular rehearsals, preparation of the choir for their participation in the church’s Sunday morning worship, organization and leadership for special choral events and conducting the choir during the Sunday morning worship.
    2. Oversight of the Church’s Musician(s)
    The church’s musicians are under the direction of the Music Director. While the Senior Pastor shall be responsible for hiring, setting salaries and dismissal of all paid staff, including paid musicians, he shall look to the Music Director for guidance and counsel in this matter. The Music Director should at least annually re-view the performance and adequacy of the current Church Organist and Choir Accompanist with the Senior Pastor. The Church Organist and Choir Accompanist shall be in-formed of said review in advance.
    3. Worship
    a. The Music Director shall give counsel to the Senior Pastor concerning appropriate music for the Sunday worship services including the selection of hymns, special music, anthems and service music. It is understood that the Senior Pastor is ultimately responsible for the church’s worship program and the Music Director’s role is advisory.
    b. The Music Director will be the song leader for the Sunday morning and other worship services unless other arrangements are made and meet the approval of the Senior Pastor.

  • Contact Person: Bob Weger - (580) 536-6272-

Position Available: Associate Pastor/Youth Minister

  • Church: Cheney Baptist Church - Cheney, Kansas

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: Undergraduate degree in biblical ministries. Prefer some experience with youth department. Individual must be married.

  • Job Description: One of the primary responsibilities will be to lead our youth ministry both junior high and high school. In addition there will be administrative details to take care of and responsibilities as the senior pastor assigns.

  • Contact Person: Bob Davis - (316) 540-6022-

Position Available: Youth Pastor and Children Sunday school leader

  • Church: Midlothian Baptist Church in Midlothian, VA

  • Website:

  • Job Requirements: This is a full time position of 40 hours a week, plus volunteering some time to the church just as we ask our members to volunteer some of their time. Must be able to organize and lead a youth department and to lead and organize our children's Sunday school classes. Will need good computer skills, and familiar with social media. Will need to be a self-starter and have good people skills.

  • Job Description: Lead our teen department on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Develop adults to assist in the youth department. Lead evangelistic efforts to reach teens with the gospel. Organize and lead the Sunday school teachers in our children classes. Assist the pastor as needed.

  • Contact Person: Pastor Ken Cornett - (804) 379-9500-